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How to Use Range Plant Community Guides and Recovery Strategies Guides for Project and Reclamation Planning in Grasslands

The Foothills Restoration Forum is pleased to present an opportunity to attend a Pre-Conference
Workshop in conjunction with the Canadian Land Reclamation Association (CLRA) Annual Conference at
the Sheraton Hotel and Conference Centre in Red Deer, Alberta, February 28th – March 2nd, 2018.

The FRF Workshop will be held in the afternoon of February 28th, from 1-4 pm.

Workshop registration is via the CLRA website at:

Click on registration for the main conference and scroll down to the Pre-conference Workshop registration.

Learning Objectives

  • Gain a basic understanding of the ecosystem classification concepts for the Grassland and Parkland
    Range Plant Community Guides.
  • Learn how to navigate through the guides to link site conditions, soils and determine plant
    communities. Participants will practice on data sets for each of the two classification systems.
  •  Overview of disturbance risk assessments and strategic siting for grassland plant communities
  • Work through development of appropriate mitigation and restoration strategies, linked to types of
    disturbance, for each plant community discussed.


Registration is NOW OPEN for SALMTEC‘s Alberta Wetland

Rapid Evaluation Tool – Actual (ABWRET-A) Training Course.

Visit to register!

ABWRET-A is a standardized method for evaluating the important natural functions of wetlands through analyzing computer and field data. Use of this method is required by the Government of Alberta to mitigate impacts on wetlands where Water Act approval is sought under the wetland policy. This method is also required for organizations that intend to participate in the Wetland Replacement Program. This course provides participants with a strong understanding of ABWRET-A. Both online learning and hands on field training from the creator of the wetland evaluation tool, Dr. Paul Adamus, are combined in this easily accessible course, to prepare you for the 2018 field season.

FRF Annual Fall Information Session

2018 Annual Fall Information Session

Claresholm Community Hall – November 15, 2018       

A variety of stakeholders gather for one day to listen to presentations on grassland conservation and restoration. The open mike session fosters a collaborative environment for the exchange of current information and new ideas through short updates on emerging issues, current projects, restoration efforts and techniques for restoring native grassland habitats. The event includes our ‘traditional’ welcome cinnamon rolls, a catered lunch and plenty of opportunity to visit and network.

Stay tuned for the 2018 theme, rates and registration.

Our goal is to ensure that events and information are assessable to everyone. We rely on sponsorship to help with cost recovery and continuation of the Forum. Please contact us if you, or your organization, are interested in providing support for these events.

Range Health Assessment Training

2018 Range Health Assessment Training – September 13, 2018

Designed for students, agrologists, ecologists, land owners, regulators, planners, reclamation practitioners and anyone interested in learning more about native grassland ecosystems.

Native Grasslands are healthy when production, soil stability, capture and release of water, nutrient cycling and functional diversity of native plants are performing well. Measuring the status of these key functions is the foundation of monitoring rangeland health.

This course offers field-based training on common plant identification, use of soils and landscape mapping (AGRASID and GVI) in relation to Alberta’s Range Plant Community Guides and Range Health Assessment Manuals. Designed to classify and assess grassland plant communities, these tools are critical for pre‐site assessments, reclamation design and restoration of native grassland.


FRF Annual Fall Information Session

Keeping Pace with a Changing Landscape:

Technology, Regulations and Policy Navigation

Topics will include:


  • New technology: drones, GIS slope analysis and bioacoustics
  • Wetlands and watercourses: regulatory changes/assessment
  • Native prairies: effects of development and appropriate offsets
  • Wind energy development: effects on the landscape and wildlife
  • Traditional Land Use: Indigenous influence and involvement
  • Wetlands and watercourses: restoration and design
  • Modernizing the regulators, political & social pressures for change


For more information and to register, go to


The Alberta Society of Professional Biologists will hold its 42nd Annual Conference on March 13 and 14, 2018. Keeping Pace with a Changing Landscape will focus on technology, regulation and policy. Sessions will include presentations on new technologies, wetlands, regulatory changes, wind energy development, Indigenous influences and involvement, and political and social pressures for change. Both days of the Conference will be held at the Calgary Zoo; for more information and to register please go to

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2018 Fall Information Session – November 15, 2018

Evolving Energy and Climate on the Grasslands

Evolving Energy and Climate on the Grasslands

The FRF annual information session gathers a variety of industry and grassland stakeholders to exchange current information on grassland restoration and conservation through ‘open mike’ project updates & mini presentations. Featured presentations on our 2017 agenda are:

    • A Thousand Years of Variability in Grassland Climate – Dr. David Sauchyn and Dr. Mary Vetter, University of Regina
    • Agriculture in the Crossroads of Grassland Loss and Restoration – Dr. Marian Weber, InnoTech Alberta
    • Grassland Management in the Municipal District of Taber- Brian Peers
    • Producer Management and Industrial Disturbance Influences on Grassland Seed Banks in Alberta – – Lysandra Pile, PhD candidate
  • Conservation Assessments – When and Where They Apply – Amanda Miller, AEP
  • Siting Renewable Energy Projects to Protect Wildlife Habitat – Kristin Cline AEP
  • Knowing Your Public Lands Approval Clauses in Native Grasslands – Susan McGillivray, AEP
  • Certificates of Analysis versus Certified Seed – What is the difference?

Many thanks to our speakers, sponsors and participants.

Stay tuned for our next Information Session in 2018!